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Pubblicato il 15 March 2023

Junior Account Executive

If you have endless patience, the balance of a tightrope walker, if you fill up your swear jar and have a strange fascination for power point, then we are looking for you.

As a Jr. Account Executive you will participate in the planning and management of communication projects, from receiving the brief to execution. You will master briefing activities for the production of graphic drafts for the adaptation of campaigns and creative and executive concepts and digital content. You will interface with graphic and executive designers to ensure that the requirements and deadlines agreed with the client are met. You will participate in calls and meetings with the client to discuss changes, in order to fully understand their motivations. And, last but not least, you will be in charge of approving drafts and executive files. You will organise and attend internal and external meetings and drafting minutes will be part of your daily workload.


  • Excellent ability to communicate
  • Proactivity, flexibility and spirit of initiative
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Passion for publicity
Pubblicato il 14 March 2023

Junior Designer - Stage

If you would eliminate comic sans from the world, if you know the difference between violet and periwinkle, and if you like doodles, this is the position for you.

As a junior graphic designer, you will learn to create graphic and executive layouts for ATL, BTL and digital formats, produce presentations for creative projects and collaborate on the corporate image of brands or products. Within the scope of digital content production, you will also be required to work on the editing and post-production of images and ad-hoc content. For some of our digital projects you will be required to manage content using a CMS.

Digital skills required:

  • Suite Adobe (particularly InDesign, Photoshop)
  • Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • A knowledge of Sketch is preferable
  • Ability to manage and use web and print image colour profiles
  • Basic knowledge of photography and photo editing
  • Passion and interest in digital technology and technology in general

Other skills:

  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Organisational independence
  • Proactivity and flexibility in modulating your work plan