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A message in a bottle


Grandi Stazioni Retail

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The challenge

The challenge is to create a waste reduction campaign for Italy’s largest station that can bring together two very demanding clients, namely Grandi Stazioni Retail and FS.

The goal is to engage a passing consumer who is often also in a hurry, to describe the dynamics of a complex initiative, and to clearly communicate the participating shops within the station.

The solution

Not only did we create a multi-subject campaign that could address the many types of consumers targeted, but we also optimised the design and message for each screen used in the station and for each touch point involved. 

Depending on the location of the installations, we studied the traffic flows and dwell time, assigning the most suitable message to each one. 

So many water bottles to represent so many different people. A direct question that in its simplicity breaks into the hectic station life by speaking to all those who have their water bottle in their backpack, handbag, suitcase; a call that is first individual and then collective:


Hey Termini, do you need a refill?