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Rondò dei Pini

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The challenge

A shopping centre present in the everyday life of a catchment area where competition is strong and fierce.

It is known, affirmed, but has lost its attractiveness over the years, and thus needs to make its voice heard more clearly and strongly to be recognised and distinguishable.

The request was therefore to return to being attractive, desirable and interesting through a strong, disruptive change in communication.

Rondò dei Pini wants to return to being noticed and perceived as close and fresh.

The solution

We formulated a strong brand retail conversion idea that served as a driver for the creative campaign.
We searched for and identified an element that could make the Centre unique.

A distinctive, special element that captivates the user with its character, its vitality, its unique voice…

In a nutshell, we identified a testimonial.

And we generated it from nothing using artificial intelligence, combining technical skills, creative abilities and a strategic approach!